Procedures for Requesting Changes in Student Transportation Services

  1. A parent or legal guardian may initiate a request to change a student's bus stop by completing the proper form, available at each school office, and submitting it to the appropriate building principal.
    1. The building principal will then forward said change request to the Transportation Director.
  1. Options will be considered and efforts will be made to accommodate reasonable requests. Factors that will be considered include:
    1. the safety of all children.
    2. visibility of school buses to other motorists.
    3. condition of roads.
    4. availability of safe/adequate turn-around sites.
    5. length of runs.
  1. Parents considering the placement of their children in day-care centers or with baby sitters are strongly encouraged to consider the availability of school bus transportation before selecting a site.
  1. Following a review by the Transportation Director, parents/guardians will be advised that the request was:
    1. approved as submitted
    2. approved with modifications.
    3. not approved for specified reasons.
  1. Parents/guardians wishing to appeal the decision of the Transportation Director may submit a written request to the Assistant Superintendent of Schools.