Business Office

The Business Office:

  • Ensures financial compliance with the standards established by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.
  • Reports required financial information to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
  • Provides the School Board of Directors and Administrative Team with reliable financial management guidance, financial planning documents, and accurate financial records.
  • Coordinates and monitors budget planning and spending.
  • Manages cash deposits and disbursements.
  • Performs payroll and accounts payable functions.

The Business Office can be reached at (717) 382-4843

Business Manager: Mary Childress, Ext 6221, [email protected]

Assistant Business Manager for Staff Accounting: Laurel Fuhrman, Ext 6235, [email protected]

Accounts Payable: Tricia Vanover, Ext 6222, [email protected]

Payroll  Clerk:   Ext 6223

Human Resources: Tracey Kerr, Ext 6234, [email protected]

Accounting ClerkMarilyn Hushon, Ext 6224, [email protected]