COVID-19 Symptomatic K-12 Student or Staff Process Flow.pdf - this is the flowchart to follow if you are symptomatic, exposed to a positive case or are a positive case for Covid-19.  In all instances, please contact HR immediately to work through all protocol. 

FFCRA_Poster_WH1422_Non-Federal.pdf - Family First Coronavirus Act and Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act flyer

Arrest-Conviction Form (PDE 6004)

Request for Reimbursement of Tuition/Graduate Credit for Column Movement Form, updated 8/2019

ACT 48 COURSE PRE-APPROVAL INSTRUCTIONS.pdf  (for tuition/credit based courses - tuition reimbursement)

328 AR REG for Lateral Movement for Teachers. form, updated 5/2019

ACT 48 CONFERENCE REQUEST INSTRUCTIONS.pdf  (for conferences - registration, accommodations, travel)

30 -Child Rearing Leave Form - use this form to request unpaid child rearing leave (unpaid leave past an employee's entitlement to FMLA).

Payroll Forms (link to all payroll forms listed on the SESD website under Departments, Business Office, Payroll Forms)

District 403(b) Plan Documents