Facility Usage

Rental/Use of School Facilities 

The Board recognizes that although the primary purpose of the school buildings, facilities and property is to provide students with an appropriate learning environment, the Board may make school facilities available to individuals and community groups without discrimination and in accordance with this policy, provided the use does not interfere with the educational program of the schools or results in undue operational costs to the district.

For the purposes of this policy, a renter shall be any community  group or individual that applies to use district buildings and/or grounds.

CLICK HERE to view Policy 707 - Use of School Facilities
CLICK HERE to view Facility Use Fee Schedule

Facilities Usage Procedures

To request use of facilities, please CLICK HERE.
  • For external/community requests, select Community Member Login. (Will need to register/create an account.)
  • For internal/in-house requests, select Staff Login. (Username is email address, password is network password.)

See links below for User Guides.

If you need assistance with your request please contact Amber Harris, Administrative Assistant to Buildings & Grounds at 717-382-4843 Ext. 6236.

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