All contracted employees must complete the following clearance requirements, prior to performing any work on South Eastern School District property.  Contractors are also required to provide proof of liability insurance with a current Certificate of Liability.
PA Criminal Record Check

One option to obtain this criminal record check is to go on-line at  This will eliminate the need to mail in your criminal record check application.  The cost is $22 (subject to change).  In most cases you will receive your record check within a few minutes.  If not, they will send it to you.  This is quicker than the second option if there is no criminal history.

The second option is to complete the Request for Criminal Record Check application.  Under Part I, “Name of Requester,” use your name.  The criminal record check will be sent directly to you. You must send the fee (money order only) with this form.  It generally takes 3-4 weeks for this form to be processed.  This form is attached.  To check on the status of your criminal record check, call 717-783-9973. 

PA Child Abuse History Clearance

There are three ways to do this clearance and it costs $13 (subject to change). 

One option is online at

If you choose the online option, you will have to create an account to register.  It is not an instant clearance and still could take up to 14 days to process, but you will receive an email to access your clearance online.

The 2nd option is to send an $13 fee (money order) and use the PA Child Abuse History Clearance Form.  An explanation has been included to help you complete the form.  Clearance results will be mailed to you within 14 days of their receipt of the form.  To check on the status of your child abuse history check, call 717-783-6211.

The 3rd option for those who need this clearance immediately, is for applicant to take the completed form and money order directly to The Department of Public Welfare.  GPS does not work to get you to their office. Directions provided by Childline from York are:  Travel I-83 North, Take EXIT 43 toward CAPITOL/2ND ST., Turn RIGHT onto PAXTON ST., Turn LEFT onto S CAMERON ST/PA-230, Travel on Cameron St about six traffic lights, Turn RIGHT onto ELMERTON AVE., At the second traffic light, turn RIGHT onto SYCAMORE DR..  Once you go over and past the speed bump, we are the first brick building on your right, and there is a huge parking lot on your left.  Park in the parking lot on your left (even though it says employees only) and walk over to our building.  Do not park in the spaces located in front of our building. They are reserved, and it is a tow away zone for unauthorized vehicles.  Our building is Hillcrest Building 53. Enter at the middle of the building and use the lobby telephone to let us know you are here for an emergency clearance. If you have a cell phone, you can also call 877-496-0023 which is our Administration line.  Also keep in mind we are a secure building and do not have restrooms for the public. You may want to make a rest stop before you arrive.

FBI Fingerprint Process

See attached instructions for the registration information and locations – the service code is:  1KG6XN Applicants must register prior to going to the Fingerprint Center at cost is $22.60 (subject to change).  We are now able to also accept the FBI clearance from the Department of Public Welfare but you will need to supply the actual record that you received in the mail, we cannot access this on-line.

When you receive your response to the Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Clearance, please send or bring the original.  We will make a copy, then return the original to you.  For the FBI clearance, please provide us with your Universal Enrollment ID (UEID) after you have completed the fingerprinting.

Below is a link to form PDE 6004.  This form will need to be completed and returned in addition to the above clearances.

Arrest-Conviction Form (PDE 6004).pdf.  This link gives you direct access to the form.  Please complete and submit to the Human Resources Department.