Isolation and Attendance Procedures

Updated August 2022

During the 2022-23 School year, we will utilize information and guidance from the CDC to assist families with questions related to Covid-19 illness.  Please note that families and their chosen medical professionals are in the best position to make personal decisions regarding Covid-19.

Isolation and Precautions for People with Covid-19

SESD Attendance Procedures for Students who are Isolated Due to Covid-19

Should families find that their students need to be isolated due to Covid-19 illness or exposure, we will use the following attendance procedures:

  • We request that parents indicate to the attendance secretary or school nurse if their student’s absence is due to Covid-19 illness (for attendance purposes).
  • Written excuses from a parent or medical professional should be provided for the absence, similar to any absence from school.
  • Absences related to Covid-19 will be treated as any other absence from school.
    • unexcused/unlawful if no note is received from parent/guardian
    • excused if a parent note is provided
    • doctor's excusal if note from doctor or proof of a positive test (including home test) are received
    • If a student has accumulated 10 absences and the parent/guardian has been notified that a doctor's excuse is required, proof of a positive test or a doctor's note should be provided for the absence to be considered excused

  • Parents and guardians can request work through the school building for students absent more than one day.