Coronavirus Updates and Information

Coronavirus Updates and Information
Posted on 08/23/2021

MASK EXCEPTIONS (Updated 9/17/21)

Due to the increased spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has ordered the universal use of face coverings to school districts across the Commonwealth.  Within Section 3 of this Order, the Department of Health has allowed for exceptions to the face covering requirement, “If wearing a face covering would either cause a medical condition or exacerbate an existing one, including respiratory issues that impede breathing, a mental health condition or disability.” Following Section 3 of this order, the South Eastern School District has created a Mask Exception Notice.  Parents/guardians seeking an exception, that falls under Section 3 of the Order, please complete the SESD Mask Exception Notice and turn the completed and signed form into your child’s building office by Monday, September 20, 2021.

Beginning Monday, September 20th, all students without an exception form on file will need to be masked while indoors. We will accept the documentation on the Exception Request Form with the understanding parents/guardians may need to participate in additional discussions with District personnel and that the school district may need additional documentation.


In order to maintain the health and safety of our schools and community, the South Eastern School District monitors and keeps track of all Covid-19 cases present in the buildings during the infectious period.  You can check out the total cases of Covid-19 as well as the current 14 day count on our SESD Covid-19 Positive Case Dashboard.  The dashboard is updated daily during the school week.

SESD Covid-19 Positive Case Dashboard 

Other sites that provide information on Covid-19 related data are linked below.

PA-DOH Covid-19 Early Warning Monitoring System

CDC Covid-19 Data Tracker


On August 13, 2021, the Pennsylvania Departments of Health (DOH) and Education (PDE) provided updated resources for the 2021-22 school year to assist schools when a case of COVID-19 is identified in the school setting. The resources are linked below.  In particular, the resources provide guidance to follow when students need to be isolated or quarantined due to Covid-19 illness and/or exposure as a close contact.

What to Do if a Student Becomes Sick or Reports a New COVID-19 Diagnosis at School

Plans and Processes for K-12 Schools During COVID-19: 2021-22 Academic Year

Information about 
diagnostic screening and testing can be found here.


Update 9/17/21

On Thursday evening, September 16, 2021, the SESD Board of Directors voted to update the quarantining procedures in the ARP ESSER Health and Safety Plan. Currently our district team works in coordination with the PA DOH to safely isolate and/or quarantine those experiencing symptoms of COVID, individuals who test positive, as well as those considered to be close contacts. We will continue to utilize PA DOH orders for isolation and quarantine timelines.

Under the quarantining changes for students, we will continue to contact trace for individuals who test positive. Close contacts will be notified by the district via email and parents will have the choice to send their child to school or quarantine at home. Students will not be required to complete a home quarantine unless directed by the PA DOH, or if they become symptomatic.

Please be sure the district has your correct email on file to ensure you receive the email notification. In addition, if you choose to quarantine your child, you will need to contact your child’s school office.


Should families find that their students need to be isolated or quarantined due to Covid-19 illness or exposure, we will use the following attendance procedures:

  • School nurses will provide information/excuse cards to the building attendance secretary for students who will be working at home due to quarantine or isolation
  • During quarantine or isolation, students will work from home asynchronously through Google Classroom.  Teachers may individually check in with students and parents via e-mail, Zoom, or phone call
  • In Sapphire, students will be marked “TRL” (Temporary Remote Learning) for the purpose of daily attendance.  These are NOT counted as days of absence.
  • If a child becomes too ill to work during the quarantine or isolation period, the parent should call the building nurse.  The building nurse will provide an excuse card to the building attendance secretary to have the time marked as an excused absence.  The nurse will also provide the parent with any necessary updates regarding the return to school plan.
  • If students are not completing assigned work during TRL, teachers should reach out to be sure to provide necessary support to the student and family.  Teachers should also coordinate with building counselors and building administrators for assistance.


Students and staff are NOT required to be vaccinated.  If you want to find information on Covid-19 vaccinations, please check out the information at the link on our website.


A full copy of the SESD Health and Safety Plan can be accessed at this link

A full copy of the SESD Emergency Instructional Time Template can be accessed at this link.