Payroll Forms

Personnel Change of Information

Personnel Change of Information Form.pdf

Payroll Pay Order Request Form

Copy of Payroll Pay Order Request Form.pdf 92.72 KB (Last Modified on July 14, 2016)

409A Election Form for Teacher Annualized Salaries

Teachers must return form to the Business Office by June 1st.


Direct Deposit

Form for adding or changing your direct deposit information. Keep in mind ... that if you are changing banks, you must keep your old account open until the new one is pre-noted and able to receive the new direct deposit.

Direct Deposit Form

Local Service Tax Exemption Certificate

LST_Exemption_Form.pdf 88.97 KB (Last Modified on December 22, 2009)

Local Residency Form

Use this form to verify that the correct percentage is withheld for the local tax deduction.

ResidencyFormLocalEIT.pdf 202.51 KB (Last Modified on April 27, 2011)

Request to Work Overtime

Form that needs to be filled out for overtime.

42 - Authorization to Work Overtime Extra Hours14-15.pdf 111.76 KB (Last Modified on June 16, 2015)

Life Insurance Beneficiary Form

Form to update your life insurance beneficiary.

Life Insurance Beneficiary Form

W-4 Change of Withholding

Use this form to change the amount of federal taxes withheld.

2021 Form W-4.pdf