Mask Exceptions


Due to the increased spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has ordered the universal use of face coverings to school districts across the Commonwealth.  Within Section 3 of this Order, the Department of Health has allowed for exceptions to the face covering requirement, “If wearing a face covering would either cause a medical condition or exacerbate an existing one, including respiratory issues that impede breathing, a mental health condition or disability.” Following Section 3 of this order, the South Eastern School District has created a Mask Exception Notice.  Parents/guardians seeking an exception, that falls under Section 3 of the Order, please complete the SESD Mask Exception Notice and turn the completed and signed form into your child’s building office by Monday, September 20, 2021.

Beginning Monday, September 20th, all students without an exception form on file will need to be masked while indoors. We will accept the documentation on the Exception Request Form with the understanding parents/guardians may need to participate in additional discussions with District personnel and that the school district may need additional documentation.