1.  Committee Composition

The workplace Safety Committee shall be composed of at least six members. At least three employees who are neither managers nor supervisors as defined in the Public Employee Relations Act shall be appointed to the committee. The term of office of all appointed members of the committee shall be one fiscal year, or until a successor is appointed. At least one experienced employee shall be a member of the committee and committee members shall be reasonably representative of the major work activities of the School District. A representative of the school board is invited to attend as visitor and board liaison.

2.  Committee Officers

The officers of the committee shall consist of a primary chairperson/recording secretary, and two secondary co-chairpersons. The primary chairperson/recording secretary shall be a District Administrator The secondary co-chairpersons shall be the School Administrators. In the absence of the primary chairperson, either of the secondary co-chairpersons shall perform his/her duties.

3.  Meetings

The workplace Safety Committee shall meet monthly at a date, time and place selected by the primary chairperson. Teleconferencing is permitted. The primary chairperson shall give reasonable advance notice of the date, time and place of regular committee meetings. Written agenda for each regular meeting of the committee shall be developed by the primary chairperson and shall be distributed at least one work day prior to the committee meeting, as and if practical. A majority of the members of the committee shall constitute a quorum. Meetings may be conducted and business of the committee transacted if a quorum is present. All decisions of the committee shall be by majority vote of those present. Minutes of all meetings of the committee shall be taken and maintained by the primary chairperson/recording secretary, or in his absence, by a committee member designated by the chairperson or acting chairperson. The minutes shall specify how each member of the committee voted. The primary chairperson may call such special meetings as, in his or her sole discretion are necessary. Advance notice shall be given to committee members as practical for such special meetings.

4.  Committee Functions

The functions of the workplace Safety Committee shall be as follows:

a. To evaluate the School District’s safety policies and practices, and accident and illness prevention policies and practices, and to make written recommendations to the Superintendent concerning the same;

b. To establish procedures for periodic workplace inspections by either the workplace Safety Committee members or by a third party safety entity for the purpose of locating and identifying safety, security and health hazards. The location and identity of hazards shall be documented in writing and the committee shall make recommendations to the Superintendent regarding concerns of the hazards. The Superintendent shall report to the Board of School Directors as he/she deems appropriate concerning hazards and recommendations for the elimination of hazards;

c. To review each district building’s emergency safety plan and to make recommendations as needed;

d. To review incidents resulting in work-related deaths, injuries and illnesses and complaints regarding safety, security and health hazards;

e. To evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of safety equipment or health and safety procedures;

f. To establish a communication system to receive feedback regarding safety and security issues from the educational community.

5.  Non-retaliation

No employee shall be discharged, threatened with discharge, demoted, suspended or in any manner discriminated against because he or she has participated in any committee function, including but not limited to, serving as a committee member, making statements, complaints or recommendations to the committee or participating in a committee workplace inspection.

6.  Training

The committee primary chairperson and/or secondary co-chairpersons shall ensure that committee members are adequately trained. Training programs shall be made available at least annually by properly qualified individuals. The training program shall address accident and illness prevention, as safety and security issues, and the health and wellness needs of the School District.

7.  Amendments

These bylaws may be added to or amended as necessary by action of a quorum of the committee. These actions shall be adopted by majority vote of those present. Items for consideration must be listed on the agenda for two consecutive meetings before a final vote. This procedure may be waived with unanimous consent of the members of the committee.

Date Approved: __________________

Board approval scheduled for August 2011.